How to sign up for Carnival

  • Step 1: You’re already here, you’ve made it to our website! Thanks for visiting!
  • Step 2: Visit the “Masquerader Costumes” page and select from 1 of 3 costume packages
    • Ethereal Minx [ 4 of these are remaining, includes feathered back piece]
    • J’ouvert [Arm and Leg Pieces also included in the package]
    • Men’s Section [2019 Melange Design Tank + Polo Cap]
  • Step 3: Please schedule a fitting ON or BEFORE 8-15-19
    • LADIES| Come to the fitting with sheer/fishnet stockings that hold your body well.
  • Step 4: Costume Package collection 8-15 through 8-16 [6pm-9pm 3417 Lebon Drive]
    • LADIES| Those choosing to join the “Tee-Shirt Mas”, please have orders in ahead of time so we can print your size.
    • MEN |Please have your shirt orders in so we can print your size.
  • Step 5: Arrive at the SDCCU Stadium ( 9449 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108) between 1pm-2pm to find our party truck
    • Small island food plates & Drinks during the warm up.
  • Step 6: FETE!! (Tun Up the Party)
    • The parade is from 3pm-6pm; enjoy the party with your crew!

Stay Blessed and let’s have a great celebration

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